Artistic Director: Victoria Kramr

Victoria Kramr (born 2001) grew up in Houston Texas and started studying piano when she was five and vocal performance when she was fourteen. As of late, she continues to study piano and voice, along with composition at Lone Star College- University Park. Furthermore, she has performed in multiple recitals, ensembles, and plays piano for several venues such as the Methodist Hospital, Prince of Peace Catholic Church and Lone Star College-University Park. As a composer, she has completed several pieces and earned an honorable mention in the TMTA-SA Original Composition Contest in 2019. Most recently, she started an organization called Aspiring Artists of Texas (AATX) which is dedicated to giving collegiate student artists and musicians the opportunity to showcase or perform their work while benefiting the community. Later, she hopes to study music composition at the university level to earn a master’s degree, have her own performing arts group, and direct music in a church.

Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly is a 5th-year art history major with a minor in studio art attending the University of Houston. She started her career as a student at LoneStar – CyFair community college taking basic core classes. In 2016, she spent a year at Texas State University in San Marcos studying Interior Design. There she studied the history of interiors as well as hand drafting. She then transferred to the University of Houston where she studied graphic design, a very competitive major at UH! She attended UH and LoneStar simultaneously and her artwork was hung in the school gallery where it was showcased and sold. After taking the required art history courses, she fell in love with them and decided to change her major yet again to study the history of people and their expressions and mannerisms through art!